Four Reasons Why Meal Plans Are Hurting Your Fat-Loss Attempts

We live in an instant world and instant results. Almost everything you need is at the tip of your fingers. Our expectations and workloads have increased dramatically and so has our stress. As we pack on the pounds in North America and continue to get heavier and heavier our desperation for quick fixes and instant results has become exponentially high.


The good news; you can lose a lot of weight really fast. This is possible


The bad news: it will be temporary and it will be costly. There is a psychological toll that dieting has on your body, there is a financial toll dieting has on your body and there is a metabolic toll that dieting has on your body.


I stress weight loss and not fat-loss when it comes to diets. The solution to fighting obesity and slimming your waist line comes from permanent and sustainable fat-loss over time.


Meal Plans will have you believe otherwise, here are four reasons why Meal Plans are harming your fat loss attempts.


1. Meal Plans are simple and easy.


Fad diets are popular because they allow us to apply a 'quick fix' to a potentially serious problem. Lifestyle changes can seem overwhelming - the thought of having to change so many aspects of your day to day habitual life can make you feel hopeless. As a result, most people find it easier to go with the fastest option available - promised results in the form of shakes, pills or other pricey methods (Also known as fad diets). There are people who have tried so many different methods for losing weight that they are too frustrated to do more research. Fad diets provide a clear starting point and do the thinking for us. They offer strict and regimented means for shedding pounds that are simple and easy. 


2. You should question the longevity of quick results with minimal efforts as promised by Meal Plans.


Let's face it, the society we live in today has difficulty with delaying gratification. People want things fast, including weight loss. However, they do not necessarily always want to work for the things they want. Fad diets that advertise weight loss that is quick and easy appeals to the masses, but they are most often misleading and ineffective. As a general rule of thumb, nothing worthwhile comes easy and you must be prepared to work for it. Shedding excess weight and keeping it off is a long-term effort which will requires changes that are realistic and sustainable. The majority of fad diets are not recommended to follow for the long term due to their harmful properties and unrealistic rules. Ditch the diet and put your efforts into creating a long term plan that will be effective for a healthy lifestyle - something you can implement and enjoy. 


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3. Meal Plans lack essential nutrients and can lead to yo-yo dieting.


Meal Plans diets can be harmful as they may lack essential nutrients and put you on the path of yo-yo dieting. For example, the Paleo diet has been shown to be low in calcium and Vitamin D. Furthermore, it can be high in saturated fats because of the large reliance on meats (cuts of meat these days are more fatty than in the past). Most people are not able to commit to fad diets for long periods of time and are likely to regain the weight they lost once their diet is ceased. That is how yo-yo dieting begins and it has been shown to negatively impact a person's metabolic system as well as cause them emotional distress. 


4. Meal Plans/Fad Diets don't get to the source of the issue. 


Extra weight is something we carry around on the surface, however the majority of the reasons why people consume too many calories goes much deeper. Excessive weight gain has been linked to trauma, abuse, poor relationships, and much more. Fad diets do not dig deeper - they simply scratch the surface and the superficial aspects of weight loss (looking good on the outside). They don't teach you how to develop more appropriate habits or why you are eating so unhealthy in the first place. Positive emotional health and eating habits should be promoted for 1 reason only - better overall health. 

An effective weight loss strategy must encompass and explore the emotional experiences and obstacles of the individual, and not simply be limited to counting calories or cutting out certain foods. 


Fad diets and propositions made by industry celebrities prey on people with their powders and pills - taking advantage of their desperation and overcharging them for products that will be ineffective in the long term. Fad diets and the people who create them have known the secret ingredients for effective weight loss for a long time, and they have even advertised it directly on their products. They claim to be effective when paired with healthy eating and exercise. Those are the not-so-secret ingredients, and most people held in their possession that information prior to exploring fad diets. So drop the diet and embrace the most sustainable ways for keeping unwanted weight away. 






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