The Keys To Being An Executive & Keep The Weight Off

The constant concern a person has is to solve the conundrum of weight loss. The disquiet revolves around the fact that a person wants to feel good and look good, for the sake of personal satisfaction. The primary fear, most people are accustomed to, is the emergence of the inevitable collage of signs that imply that the individual might have transformed or be in the process of attaining an obese physique. Being in that state can be demoralizing for many, especially for those who are constantly on the road and do not have much time to devote to an exercise regime. Lack of exercise and an unhealthy food intake, makes people think that they are continuously becoming more disposed towards obesity.


We shall discuss a few tricks and methods one can easily adopt to help in containing and avoiding this unresolved riddle. Hopefully with a little discipline and dedication, the steps mentioned can be followed in a manner that is satisfactory and produces results.


Have a Travel Workout Regime


First and foremost, it’s absolutely crucial to start an exercise routine to even hope of achieving executive fat loss on the go. When a person is constantly on the move, it is hard to attend different gyms, mainly due to the membership cost for each gym and the fact the time it would require isn’t readily there for the user to spend. So the best possible scenario is to buy the exercise equipment, either individually like a skipping rope, travel bands or go for a collective pack on offer from TRX like the pro kit, home kit or trainer kit and have your trainer build you workouts for when you’re on the road.


The exercise gear is made for workouts at home and hotels, with respect to the surface area they take up and the ease with which they can be transported. The workout plan usually comes with the training kit, but if not attached then it can be accessed from a trainer or from an online source. A combination of both, the home bound exercise material and workout proposal, can be used to significantly diminish the possibility of getting fat and even remain fit.




Research Food Outlets


Exercising in midst of your travel is an amazing start, but not enough to singlehandedly curb the menace of potential fatness. A strict or semi-strict diet is necessary to cut down on the excessive fat intake, and to help stock up on essential proteins. The dilemma surrounding this is the failure of the person to actively and consistently locate restaurants or food centers that offer healthy product, with respect to the various destinations of his journey. This is easily solved if the individual takes time out beforehand his trip to locate food outlets nearby that serve the required food items. A map could be made, to make is easier to trace the food places and enjoy a healthy diet. Bring powdered veggies and protein with you on your trips if you are in a bind.



Setup a Check and Balance System


This is probably the hardest part of the whole executive fat loss program, to fight the urge to not cheat on your meals and to oppose the impulse to miss out on the daily exercise workout. One easy way is to set up a check and balance system by making sure your trainer, friends or family are informed of your daily endeavors, with respect to how sincere you are to your diet and exercise. In this way when one feels unable to physically and mentally keep up, the people around you can remind you of the repercussions that you could face if you fail to stay honest to your goals. This will likely evoke some much needed motivation, and would keep your consciousness active and unofficially in command to fight situations, where one feels the need to procrastinate. Keep people close to you in the loop, with the information about your development. They can easily inspire you with some verbal advice, and stimulate positivity in your approach to fulfill the end result of fat loss.



Stay Hydrated


Water is a vital element of any fat loss program. The compulsion to stay hydrated is due to the fact that


the human body is made up of two-thirds of water. It is widely noted and scientifically backed that if a person doesn’t drink the required amount of water, then they will succumb to eating more and not fully follow their diet plan. This will also instigate tiredness at various intervals during the day, which would force you to resist your own attempts and efforts to carry out your workout.


Considering all of these factors along with the constraints of regular travel, it is extremely essential to drink as much water as possible. The critical need to consume water on a regular basis, around at least 8 oz. per day, is crucial to help in containing disproportionate amount of food intake and keep one out of usual fatigue. The consumption of healthy amounts of water will aid your quest to lose fat.



Try Variations


It is easier to predict a situation where the exercise becomes monotonous for one, and that some aspects of it cannot be performed in different environments. This could lead to a point where a person is discouraged by the lack of interest and added levels of difficulty in maintaining simple work out routines. The best way to solve this problem is to try variations of exercises. You could use the stairs one day, and go for an early morning jog the next day.


Perform variations of pushups one day, and then try different type of crunches the next day. If the setting of one place isn’t appropriate for one exercise, then spend extra time on the other workout exercises that can be performed. Changing and mixing up your workout is easier when the surrounding changes constantly, it actually makes it more fun towards achieving a low fat physique.