A Letter to the Hustle: The Love/Hate Relationship

This is for anyone who gets overwhelmed by life sometimes, the ones who question if the unpaid hours will be worth the struggle, the ones who strive with the inner turmoil of a love/hate relationship.


This is for the ones who work early mornings and late nights, who go above and beyond their call of duty. Most of the work that you do goes unnoticed until you stop doing it.


You LOVE it but you HATE it but deep down you know you certainly CAN’T live without it


The Fit Pros, the lawyers, the doctors, the barbers, the nurses, the rappers, or anyone who has a vision that somedays seem near damn impossible to fulfill.


Work ethic and determination just becomes your life


With the hustle comes what seems like unbearable stress and dedication to your craft. It’s a love/hate that you can’t live without.





Our relationship is one of love and hate. It always been and always will be.


You are very complicated and very intriguing. When I’m with you, I get an unbelievable high, I get a rush and I funnel my stress into massive amounts of action. I’m on top of the world; hours seem like seconds, coffee becomes my water and my focus is unparalleled.


Everything seems perfect when we work in unison but the moment you steer the ship in a different direction everything goes awry.


That same high becomes that same low, the stress becomes anxiety and the anxiety becomes paralyzing. I lie in bed my mind is racing but it feels like someone is holding me down, you are holding me down.


There is no balance. We have chosen a life of extremes.


I can’t stay with you for long periods of time because I become exhausted. You take all my time, all my nerves, all my money, you make me learn new things, stretch myself beyond what is health.


You take and take and take and by the time you give back, I don’t even care, I don’t even want it anymore.


The reward you initially promised seem so grand and out of reach in the moment but the roadblocks and pitfalls you failed to mention would have me second guessing whether the effort was worth it or not.


At that moment of realization, the journey we started is now all I know so I continue to push back against your will.


The reward you promised I no longer need to be considered successful.


What I do need is the rest that comes after I have conquered you. The game is of wits and strategy, I don’t know how to play chess but I know it’s about strategy and so are you.


With that being said, I may not need what you initially offered but I will take what it anyway and THEN I will ask for more.


Selfish I guess, but aren’t we all fundamentally wired to be selfish?


I want more and more and more, you toyed with me. When we set out on this journey the reward seemed to be the biggest prize of them all. Only along the way did I realize I could aim high and get a bigger reward.


But I know what you’ll ask for a bigger reward, and then I think logically and emotionally and this inner turmoil makes me restless and I decide the cost isn’t work the reward.


So I end our relationship – goodbye, my ‘experiences’, health, my sanity and family and friends are worth more than you.


I walk away and say I’ll never look back – forward movement only.


Our time together was great, I learned a lot, grew even more and met a lot of people along the way but I cannot live in this constant state with you. So I have to leave you and now I am single.


Newly single – best thing in the world, no commitment and now you’re someone else’s problem.


Feels good I must say. I’m going to do so much without you are my initial thoughts. The choices are now endless. And then the ‘journey begins’ and it is fun for awhile, because it’s all so different and new.


Whatever I want, I get it, with little work or resistance because you’re not in my life anymore…


So now I’m taking and taking and taking – I’m taking what I don’t even want, because I can and you no longer deprive me of choice, so I take. The new ‘roadblocks’ and ‘pitfalls’ are laughable at this point and and a mere infant can overcome them without breaking a sweat.


There’s joy in taking and exploring but after long, something is missing…


Where is that high? Where is the rush? Where is the excitement?


I am becoming complacent…


Working a ‘regular’ work day isn’t enough for me. So I look for you in different places – subtly


Too much choice, too easily given to me…. I’m starting to get bored. The stress is still there but I can only funnel it into so much reading and writing and coaching into a screen.


Where are the weights, the people, the rush, the excitement, the energy.


Where the Fetty Wap at, for real for real?


It saddens me to say but, I miss you


I miss the rush and the excitement


I’m looking for you in different ways


What I was trying to get away from, the stress and the downside is now being given to me anyway but I can’t even get the upside because we’re not together anymore…


Only the downside but no upside?


Doesn’t make sense to me… I do miss you, I don’t know what to do without you…


It is said the expanded mind can never go back to it’s original state.


That’s what has happened:


I miss the thrill, the caffeine rush, the rush of crushing our goals – I miss you in all the good and all the bad.


The late nights and early mornings with your back against the wall – I don’t play much poker because my strategy will always be the same – all in blind.


It’s a radical way of living but it pans out for me.


The pushing of creative, fitness and business boundaries to create something unique yet sustainable. To make others believe what they want in life is possible.


To build a team and create a movement.


I am a leader of the trenches; I can’t sit on the thrown – I need to be in the fight.


I need you and I, for us to be in the cut.


I need more time to figure out exactly what that fight is going to be, what everyone wants and how we’re going to win it.


I know we’ll get back together and I know it won’t last but you and I both know we live for each other.


We’re a mess without each other.


I need more time but I’m excited to get back together.


It’s not just you me and some equipment in the back of a minivan anymore – we have a team, we have a community, we have a city to accommodate.


We have unsolved issues and I know you’re going to ask so much more of me – but I’m asking for bigger rewards.


I’m not taking no for an answer. I have too many people depending on us and too many people that want to see me fail.


I need to grow up a bit but you need to give me more. I know you won’t compromise your demands but neither will I, so we’ll have to go head to head.


Wait until you see what I ask for, you’re not going to like it. I’m not alone anymore and the team has demands as well, so do the clients and so does the city.


All of their demands are going to be met along with mine because we work as one. No stone gets left unturned and no one person gets left behind.


We all win or we all lose – that’s what I stand for


But I’ll tell you again in case you’ve forgotten…


When I play games, I play to win –


The only difference is now it’s WE


I never lose.


See you soon,


Corey – Rise.As.One.


PS you’re not taking my girl or anymore friends – that’s non-negotiable