Top 5 Reasons Why Running Sucks for Fat Loss

Am I mad?


The topic line may have you thinking of hitting the back button, but wait! Hear me out. By the end of the article you will know what I mean and surely you can relate to what I have to say.


I am not a big fan of running,


I have never been, but don’t let this factor create a judgement in your mind for me. I am a fit person, I am strong, in shape and I definitely have more stamina then most of the idiots huffing and puffing on the running tracks and treadmills.


All this and I have never done any real running. Unless you call sprinting to catch the last bus running. I could never do it, even when I tried. It was boring, required a lot of effort and didn’t have any fast effects.


I am not saying that people who run daily and have been for years are not strong or fit. They definitely must be taking benefits that running has to offer. What my point is that, why go through all that effort, when you have simpler modes of fitness training? Take weight training for instance.


Now how many muscular and fit guys have you seen in the gym who spend hours each day pacing through the tracks? Odds are close to none. To be fit, strong or muscular, running just doesn’t make the cut. There are a lot of other ways to build your stamina, more efficiently, quickly and requires less effort.



Apart from wearing those short skinny shorts and flaunting your fragile legs all over the track, there are several other downs to running as well. Running is probably one of the major causes why most people go in the other direction when it comes to physical fitness.


Running has made fitness sound like such an unachievable feat that most people remain at a safe difference from it.


Those who are brave enough and take on getting fit, are mostly involved in strength or weight training. Only a fraction of people, who I will never be able to see eye to eye, think running is a good idea. This is probably the main reason why you will see less people on jogging tracks and more people in the gym busting weights. Running is an inferior source of fitness, hence, I claim that running sucks. But don’t take my word for it. I have proof that running really sucks, which I will explain in the points given below.


1. Too Time Consuming for the Benefit Received:


When it comes to running, it is almost given that you will be spending well over an hour on the track to burn calories that are worth mentioning.


Same goes for cardiovascular training, as you need to spend over an hour potentially torturing yourself to work a little amount of calories.


Is there a better way? Luckily, yes. High-intensity Interval Training, more commonly known as HIIT, is a more efficient mode of training than running or cardio.


Many researches have proven that HIIT has similar or better cardiovascular endurance effects, as compared to traditional cardio training. Plus, it takes much less time!


This is really true. I hardly ever run, other than occasional interval hill sprints, though I own similar or better cardiovascular endurance as compared to my gym buddies who are almost always glued to the cardio machines.



2. Running Puts Unnecessary Stress on Your Body:


It is no myth that for strength you have to get involved in strength training. You have to lift iron weights and there’s no other way. So even if you are an advocate of running, you will have to take on weight lifting for strength.


Juggling both worlds is neither easy nor practical. This is nothing unheard of or not accomplished previously, but what I am saying is that it takes too much out of you.


Naturally, you need to invest more time, more effort and you need to be highly motivated to sustain all the pressure.


This will literally exhaust your body and it will need recovery time as well. Add to that the pressure of taking the perfect diet and the right amount of sleep, and you have the perfect recipe for disaster at your hands.


You need to do everything perfectly, otherwise your body will break down under the extreme pressure you are putting it through.


So throw all the confusions out of the window. Lock up your running shorts. Pull on gym gear and start strength training for better results.


3. Not as Practical as Strength Training:


Generally, when it comes to being in a situation when you have to physically defend yourself, would you like to have great running skills or the strength to actually defend yourself?


I am guessing you chose the second option, as running is not an option, available to you, when you are


in such a situation. Moreover, it is not great for your self-respect either. So while the runners go on being proud of their healthy calf muscles, I will be thankful for my healthy biceps, as they will help me defend myself.


4. It won’t get you that Hour Glass body:


Sure the runners have detailed and lean legs which look weird-sexy in running shorts.


How do you plan on showing them off in a pair of jeans? Luckily, you can get healthy a round booty, sexy calves and an upper toned body simply through strength training. You will never get a strong muscular upper body from running.


However, you will surely get strong upper body and a strong lower body through strength training, in less time and with less effort. It’s the whole package!


5. Reduces Mental Stress; but at what cost?


Running is great for relieving stress for some people. You must have heard this repeatedly. Of course running relieves you of all your worries. You forget about all the stress you had in the first place and start fixating on whether you will have the strength to take one more breath or not.


You really want to go through all that trouble? What happened to punching the good old punching bag? There’s no better stress reliever in the world as compared to punching bag, if we are not counting watching beautiful models walk the ramp.



So there it is. Whether you are ready to accept it or not, you must be able to relate to what I have pointed out. When it comes to running, it’s just not worth it. Therefore, running sucks for fat-loss!